May 24, 2023

Continued Education in Retirement: 3 Ways to Enrich Your Life and Sharpen Your Mind

In this week’s episode of the podcast “Every Day is Saturday”, Fiat Founder and CEO, Brad Gotto, discusses his decision to return to Bethel University to complete the degree he left unfinished many years ago. Despite the passage of time and the achievement of several major life milestones, Brad never lost his desire to continue learning. In fact, he has established education as a founding principle of Fiat Wealth Management.

As children and young adults, we are heavily encouraged to lean into and prioritize our educational pursuits. Life as a scholar revolves around GPA, test scores, and a debilitating fear of “finals week.” Then we graduate and– poof! Like magic, we are hurled from the classroom into the “real world”, forever navigating the misadventures of adulthood: family, career, finances, marriage, parenting, etc.  It seems that the moment that our “adult” life begins, the pursuit of deeper learning stops. Shouldn’t we always strive to continue learning and growing long after our formal education has concluded?

As a matter of fact, we believe the pursuit of knowledge can absolutely flourish in the freedom and possibility of one very particular phase of life…No, not college. I’m talking about retirement.

It’s true - retirement is the ideal time to sharpen the mind by enrolling in online courses, attending workshops or lectures, or joining book clubs can provide a renewed sense of intellectual stimulation. In this blog, we share our guide for having the most enriching learning experiences well into retirement.

1. Find your New Passion Project:

Retirement offers the gift of time, allowing the chance to explore the hobbies and interests that may have been set aside during their working years. Learning new skills like painting, gardening, playing a musical instrument, or cooking can awaken hidden talents and bring immense joy. Embracing these new passions not only adds fulfillment to retirement but also provides avenues for creative expression and personal satisfaction.

2. Stay Social:

Learning in retirement is not only about personal growth but also about forging new connections. Joining community-based classes, educational programs, or discussion groups provides opportunities to meet like-minded individuals with similar interests. Engaging in social interactions fosters a sense of belonging, combats feelings of isolation, and creates a supportive network of friends who share common intellectual pursuits.

3. Challenge yourself.

It can be terrifying at any age to try something completely new, but getting out of your comfort zone has actual medical benefits. Studies have consistently shown the positive impact of lifelong learning on overall well-being. Continuous learning keeps the mind active and can potentially reduce the risk of cognitive decline and memory loss. It provides a sense of purpose, boosts self-confidence, and contributes to a sense of personal achievement. By engaging in lifelong learning, retirees can unlock their full potential, nurture their curiosity, and enjoy the countless rewards that intellectual stimulation brings.

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