We follow two main schools of thought in the investment world. The traditional stock picker, such as Warren Buffett, focuses on the conversation around a specific investment. The asset allocator follows the work of Harry Markowitz, better known as modern portfolio theory. Fiat Wealth Management’s investment philosophy is a hybrid of these two.

Matt Stahl

Private Wealth Manager & CEO

A father of three boys, loves being outdoors and is always moving. Matt found his passion and purpose of helping people prepare financially for life's ups and downs after seeing his own family struggle.
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Brad Gotto

Private Wealth Manager/Partner

Raised in Iowa, Brad moved to Minnesota to attend Bethel University in St. Paul, MN, where he received a degree in Youth Ministries. Brad’s business journey began in 2006 as a financial advisor. Brad finds his motivation in finding a proper outcome for each client and case. He finds it most rewarding when a case comes together and goals are achieved.
Greg Naylor

Investment Counsel

He is passionate about helping people make sound financial decisions for themselves and their families and believes education is a primary component of delivering quality financial advice.
Kim Creque

Operations Manager

Kim has worked in almost all facets of the Financial Services industry and understands that organization, efficiency and attention to detail is crucial to getting business effectively processed. Kim handles all operations for the Fiat team and she is a GREAT resource for Fiat Clients.
Marissa Gleason

Project Manager

Marissa studied graphic design and website design and has been on a marketing path for over 7 years. Marissa handles client communication and our monthly workshop series, along with managing the rollout of our new website and online presence.