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At Fiat, we believe in financial education for our families. With education, comes understanding, and with understanding comes clarity. With education, our goal is to build confidence in retirement as well as confidence with our families that we serve.

Building Better Portfolios

Creating the foundation of your income strategy start with better and intentional portfolios. Learn about:
1. What you own
2. Why you own it
3. How much is it costing you in fees
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Pre-Retirement Checklist

What you need to know before you retire.
1. Financials
2. Legacy
3. Healthcare
4. Lifestyle
5. and more............

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Pre Retirement Checklist
Taxes in Retirement

The impact of Tax in Retirement and how to navigate the ins and outs of planning
1. Basic education on taxes
2. Concepts to apply to your situation
3. Action items

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Taxes in Retirement