July 6, 2021

Another Life Well Lived!

One of the main reasons we love what we do at Fiat Wealth Management is when we are finally able to see our clients enjoy their retirement!

We would like you to meet Kevin and Jo, who are relatively new Fiat clients. They have recently set out on some post-retirement adventures and we asked them to tell us about their experience with Fiat and how they’re enjoying their retirement! Here is their story…



We are relatively new clients but have quickly built trust and feel very comfortable working with Fiat to handle our investments and support our retirement.

We were working with another agency for many years and felt extremely loyal to them, however, we never felt as though they had a plan for our retirement. This doesn’t seem like a big deal while you are “climbing the mountain”, (i.e. investing/saving as much as you can while in your earning years.) When it becomes a “big deal” is when it’s time to begin the “decent” or “climb down the mountain”.

We had always reached out for assistance with this step, but the discussion was always about the performance of our portfolio – never a discussion about how to “pay ourselves” in retirement after our paychecks ceased to exist.

In trying to find a way to “generate our paycheck” being newly retired, and do it efficiently from a tax standpoint, we stumbled upon a seminar by Fiat and listened to what they had to offer. It did not take us long to realize that their approach was much different! They knew exactly what we needed and how to accomplish it with continued investing, efficient distribution of assets and tax savings. It didn’t occur to us that we could still actively make our money work for us, while at the same time spending our many years of investments.

That explains the business side of Fiat…what should be told is the human side of Fiat! They genuinely care about their clients and take the time to get to know them on a personal level and work to understand their overall goals in retirement. Not just with small talk but with sincerity and thoughtfulness.

If someone would have told us we were going to change financial managers in our later years, we would have not believed it. It would generally take months, even years, to establish trust and rapport when working with something as intimate as our life’s savings. Looking back, we wish we would have thought about making the change sooner, but it has all worked out and we are extremely pleased with the team at Fiat.

We are now able to spend our retirement years carefree – spending time with grandkids, traveling in our new Sprinter van, hanging at the cabin and doing some volunteer work.

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