We teach people how to spend and enjoy their money

Sounds silly, right?

However, we have found that this is truly where we spend a large portion of our energy in working with clients.  Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people out there that are great at spending money.  We don’t generally sit down with them in our office as they are likely not financially independent (or on their way there).  If they are really great at spending money, they will likely be spending a lot of their time chasing money rather than putting their own money to work for them.

An overwhelming majority of our clients are much better at saving money than they are at spending money - whether through their own honing of the skill, or working together with us to develop and practice the skill.  

Any habit we develop (whether good or bad) will stick with us the more we ingrain that said habit.  

Our industry (financial advice) does a great job of reminding people to save money and accumulate wealth - however we see a huge lack of advice around spending their hard earned and managed money.  It makes sense if you dig a bit further.  Most financial advisors are paid based on the assets they manage for clients - structure as a % of assets under management (AUM).  As I have said many times in the past, and will continue to say - we pride ourselves on ‘pulling back  the curtain’ on the financial industry.  Of course many advisors, investment managers and financial institutions are going to encourage the general public to never spend their money - it affects the bottom line of those firms!

While Fiat Wealth Management is certainly a for profit business, we firmly believe that providing our clients with the peace of mind to know they have the permission to spend their money - we don’t need to obsess over the bottom line.  We have, and will, experience an abundance of people that shift their way of thinking about the empowerment they really have over what they want their money to do for them.

We can’t take the money with us after all.  That money will either be spent (and hopefully joyfully spent with those we care about), or passed on to some other person or entity.  If that money is passed on, it will either go to individuals (family or friends), an organization (Charity, Church, University, etc.) or to the government.  A vast majority of people don’t choose the latter!

Our job ultimately involves integrating the numbers side (tax optimization, risk optimization, etc.) with the desire of each client (peace of mind, celebration of success, giving back, contribution, etc.).  Witnessing the harmony of those two sides and the joy it brings clients is what keeps us coming back for more.