3 Reasons Why Gratitude is Our Attitude

There is much to be grateful for this year at both home and at Fiat Wealth Management. And we are feeling all the feels because of it. Gratitude is our attitude for these reasons:

1. We feel so grateful for the opportunity to serve our clients and community. Furthermore we love providing clients a safe place to talk about money concerns - absent of judgment and focused on solutions.

2. Our families. Specifically, Matt (our founder) and his wife, Katie, welcomed their 4th child (and first daughter!) to the world.

3. At Fiat Wealth Management, we have opened a branch close to some our roots in central Iowa, and welcomed four new team members on board.  And we are not done yet …..stay tuned for further locations opening throughout the Midwest!

While expansion seems like our theme this year, expansion for expansion's sake is not our purpose.  We seek to further bring on partners that share our values of transparency, creativity, and thoughtful process to engineer solutions for our clients while prioritizing our client’s values.

Feeling gratitude is not something meant to only practice one week per year on Thanksgiving Day….it is something to practice daily.  We have found a valuable resource in Mindvalley to reinforce the importance of gratitude everyday. We encourage you to check it out!

Also worth checking out - this Ted Talk as it reinforces our philosophy on talking about money honestly, openly and without shame.